Friday, March 11, 2011


What is your definition of "Friend"?

There is a story that shows how Indian cast or hierarchy system influence a lot for people.

There were a boy and a girl in same college as classmate. Gradually they know each other for example, how he gets mad, why she doesn't like carrot, who his favorite actress is, what she wants study more and so on.

One day he told her that we are good friend friend now. After  that she started to send e-mail and phone call more frequently to interact with him. In the classroom also, she sometimes sit next to his seat. Due to that he asked her meeting with one by one without anyone because he just wanted to share his parsonaly story with her.
However when she came to meet with him for talking about that, she told that she cannot do THAT for him. In his mind, he had no idea what THAT is. But after few second he got what THAT was. It was having sex with her. Then he understood what she misunderstood about his word "Friend".

In Indian Cast or hierarchy society system, which stick in people's minds so deeply with long term and still it exists. In this society, it is greta to see only one partner who are their girlfriend or boyfriend. That's why people became to think that "Friend" has having sexually more than just friend even though she is just one of his friend and he wanted to make her sure that he didn't have any interest in her as a girlfriend.

In your eys how does it looks?

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