Monday, March 14, 2011

Police in India:mind of caste

Police are everywhere so finding them is very easy for people.
What most of police do in ur country?
and what most of police do in India?
Police are mostly from upper caste people in India.
Police behave strongly, confidently, and violently.
Police try to drink free Chai (Indian tea) with out paying money.
Police take Riksha (Indian taxi) without paying money. 
Police beat people very violently.
Police don't listen people's voice even in police station.
Police charge money for making document from people. (paying money is unnecessary for sure)
Police give advice that it's ur destiny so don't think to fight and follow that way to person who is lower cast.
Police come to villagers house suddenly and do whatever he wants, such as steal and abuse.
Police put people who are especially lower cast people in to Jail only to get points for stepping up their better career.
Police have strong connection with upper powerful people so they easily smash voice of lower caste people.
Putting police to jail is hard work due to most of social system is moved by upper cast people even though they do illegal thing.


  1. such a stupid police!!!
    i want to beat them up immediately!!!